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Commission Information

!!Disclaimer!!While World of Warcraft is the main focus of my work, I take out my right to not take the commission if I either can not provide the models or do not feel comfortable with the commission.
You can always ask for prices from me directly in case I made some recent changes and they are not listed here yet. As well I am able to take on commissions in German and English, so feel free to talk German with me.
It can always happen that I take a bit of time for your commissions, so please consider asking me every now and then or wait for my answer on how far your commission is.
Also, the prices are to orientate how much a render can cost in the basic, prices can change depending on the difficulty of the piece and amount as well from Genre to genre.

Prices for Still!

NumberDescriptionPrice incl. VAT
1. Solo ArtSingle NSFW Base Character + Simple Customizations + Simple Background + Pose90€ (Euro)
2. Couple ArtTwo Base NSFW Character + Simple Customizations + Simple Background + Pose110€ (Euro)
3. Comic StripMax Two base NSFW Character + Simple Customizations + Simple Background + 1 Page (Max 5 Panels) + Comic Effects + Dialog (if not given by Client) + Poses120€ (Euro)

Prices for Extras!

NumberDescriptionPrice incl. VAT
1. Simple Character Customization ExtraSimple modifications and customizations to the customizations of the base offer. Including adding clothing. Price per Character50 € (Euro)
2. Complex Character Customization ExtraComplex modifications and customizations to the customizations of the base offer. Including adding a complex outfit. Price per Character70€ (Euro)
3. Single Extra RenderSingle Extra Render with different Pose or different Angle of Camera.10€ (Euro)
4. Keep it Private!If you want me to keep your Art private and just for you to not publish it.40€ (Euro)

Do's and Dont's!

  • I can do the following IPs: World of Warcraft

  • I can do retexturing, 3D clothing, sims clothing, and repainting of Models. Depending on the request it will cost extra or is in the price included.

  • I can not model and sculpt an entire model yet. Though I am learning and maybe it will be possible in the future.

  • I will not make Art of anything I feel uncomfortable about, either while I am not able to do it or just do not like the concept of it.

  • I will not make NSFW art of Mechagnomes, Undeads, and Tauren.

  • I can not make NSFW art of Kultiran.

  • NSFW for 18+ only, no underaged people will receive erotica art of me.

  • I do female and Futa characters. Futas with unrealistic sizes, Characters with inhuman unrealistic sizes, and Furry and male characters have to be discussed beforehand and will cost extra in the commission

  • I make every type of character as long as I like the concept. I take my right to decline. Worgen characters have to be discussed extra, if possible, or extra payment is needed.

  • I accept OC+Lore Character.

  • No NSFW art of dubcon, noncon, underaged, children, and undead. DK characters are undercircumstances okay. As well no extreme kinks. If you are unsure, just ask beforehand.

  • You are able to commission me in German and English, feel free to contact me over Discord.

  • I only take payment upfront, it can be paid in two parts, half upfront, half after receiving the finished product.

  • I discuss upfront a price we both agree on before I start my work. I will re-ask in the process if things are unclear.

  • I own the rights to the art, I create. If you do not want me to post it anywhere, tell me beforehand. I might want to get extra pay for it.

  • No changes on the model once I am done with it. I will contact you at every step in case changes need to be made.

What I need from you!

What I need from you, before we can get the Commission started is for you to fill out this little sheet Here. I will get in contact with you then as soon as possible and as soon as I have seen the response!Thank you already before for commissioning me and choosing to support my art!

All Art made by SioSioArt

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All Art made by SioSioArt

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All Art made by SioSioArt

Sio's Terms of Service

You agree to those Terms of Service and me as an artist by commissioning me.- All models I am using in my commissions are base models made by either Liard or Bangfri3D. As soon as I make a fully from scratch model myself I will point it out.
- I take a right to publish and reuse items from the commission if we have not discussed it otherwise, but as a heads up, this might cost extra if I use exclusive items for your commission only.
- If you post my art somewhere, give me credit for my work correctly. While I create the art for you, it still belongs to me and shows my work as a service.
- I take my right to post your art publicly on my discord, Twitter, and other platforms I am tending to. If you wish not to have your art published, it will cost extra, and you must formally agree to it in DMs to me.
- With these Terms, you also agree not to edit the art in any way or shape, especially when my watermark gets removed in the process. If we have discussed something different, you may only edit or remove the parts I have agreed to.
- I have the right to refuse any commission I see as not fitting my moral stand or if it is to my disliking. If you are unsure, you are free to ask about my stand on the waitlist, and if not, I will work on your commission.
- In the case of an NSFW piece, I would like to mention that I only create NSFW art for people the age of 18+. So please provide any proof that you are of this age to me before I start your piece.
- Commissions take time to work out properly. It is neither mine nor your fault if it might take a bit longer but be sure that I have not forgotten you. If you think I have, you are free to ask about the stand of your commission, but I provide updates on every step if possible.
- Payment is requested per Invoice over PayPal before I start my work. This provides safety for me and my work. I will start once I get the money in my account. When providing the information to your commission, please provide as much information as possible. If you are too vague in your request, I may make something you want to be changed, and major changes will incur an additional fee. I live in Germany, so my prices are in Euro, be aware of this if you think about commissioning me.
- Refunds are excluded when I have finished creating your OC as a 3D model. At any time before this state, you can get your money back. As soon as I have finished your 3D model and you wish your money returned, I will decline.
- I reserved the right to alter prices if I saw fit. The prices I have given are base prices and can change on the difficulty of your commission.
I will update this as I go and change things here and there.

All Art made by SioSioArt

About me!

Hey, that is me. Sio. I am a 3D Artist since November 2020, when I found this type of art for me over the way of wanting art for my OC, but being constantly broke. However, I started to do freelance work firstly in June of the next year.My main preference is working with World of Warcraft models, but I am also able to work with models of different IPs. As a lover of World of Warcraft, it is just my favorite IP to work with!My Skills lay in Posing, creating an environment, sculpting existing models into shape, VFX, Postwork in PS, lighting, and a bit of animation.I am still learning to animate properly, sculpting my own models entirely, and have a lot deeper knowledge in that area.I am also creating graphics with Photoshop since the Spring of 2022.

All Art made by SioSioArt